Protect Against Keylogging Trojans with KeyScrambler

There has been a lot of news lately surrounding key logging trojans including Zbot, Clampi and others. These trojans are designed to steal authentication credentials and other sensitive information, especially for banking and social networking sites leaving users scrambling for ways to protect themselves.

The highlights of these news articles has been how easily these trojans can evade detection even by the most current anti-virus detection programs and the large sums of money that have been stolen using them. A recent ComputerWorld article reports up to $350,000 US dollars stolen from the Crystal Lake School district.

Beyond typical web filtering and anti-virus programs, browser add-ons are also very useful. Web of Trust and NoScript are well known to help prevent web based attacks. Another is called KeyScrambler.

KeyScrambler (free edition) works with popular browsers - Firefox, IE and Flock - as well as some other software to protect you from keyloggers. The paid editions offer additional protection. After install, Keylogger will run silently in your system tray or with notifications letting you know when it is protecting your keystrokes. Even if anti-virus protection is lax and did not catch the trojan or virus being installed, you will still be protected by KeyScrambler.

"There are hundreds of keylogging programs and new ones are appearing all the time.  Most anti-spyware and anti-virus programs may not be able to detect new viruses and worms because they have to be updated to recognize them, which means that they often work after the fact - they detect and remove the malware only after it is already in your computer - and may not be able to stop theft in time.  KeyScrambler protects all the time.  It defeats existing and new keyloggers by making your keystrokes indecipherable to spyware." (Keyscrambler)

This is another great way to protect yourself from the bad guys. With the newest outbreak of keylogging trojans this should be considered a must have!


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